This is only a limited number of sites to explore, if you have the urge to buy some comics or related items online.  With any luck, as our researches allow this will expand...but feel free to make recommendations, or if you sell via the web, let us know and we will be happy to add you!  Once I have checked all these links and their sites, there ought to be substantially more text here - if that isn't an incentive to return, I don't know what is!
          Comicbook Marketplace is the site of the London-based comics events organised by Rob Barrow.  At Camden Centre near to Kings Cross, there are the Card Mart and Comicbook Marketplace events, and at the Royal National Hotel in Bedford Way, there are the combined National Collectors Marketplace shows.  Admission is free, so check out the site for upcoming dates.
          "Fandom" is what used to be "Another Universe", and a useful source of variant comics, action figures and so on, although the postage & packing charge for shipping to Britain is a bit steep.  Your credit card may go a fair amount further with a British mail order concern, if you happen to live over here; depending on your needs, "United Publications" (specialists in manga and anthropomorphics), "Comic-Biz", "Just Comics", "Starstore" (tv and movie tie-ins a speciality), "MVM", "Hobby Games", "Celestial Comics", "Avalon", "Incognito" or "Silver Acre" might just hit the spot.  "JustBooks" are the UK's largest source for used and rare books, with over 1.1 million titles; they tell us they have a growing section devoted to comics, and have around 75,000 titles listed on the site.  They also have a permanent section devoted to science fiction and comics, with changing articles on the subject.
          Westfield are a large, well-respected advance-order subscription service, and more, Stateside; Next Planet Over is a more recent addition, launched massively and still well worth checking out, though I am told they do not deliver to Britain.    Bud Plant has been around since comics were first invented, or so it seems, and has a wide range of comic art products, including some rather tempting bargain books.  Epic Heroes is a British site: "We want to build something that is British, and caters for Brits and Europeans", they told me, and their site certainly looks professional.
          Really, these sites are all worth clicking over, and it is no great use me going into great detail about them.  Most of them will be happy to send you an actual paper-and-ink catalogue, though some of the online versions are pretty impressive, with massive lists for every letter of the alphabet, and the covers available to view with just one extra click.
          "Calamity Comics" didn't answer to its web address, so is temporarily off this page; I didn't have any luck with "Comic Book Postal Auctions" either, but you may do better.
          And if you have a website, a smile and a song, or even just a website, that you think belongs on this page, hesitate only briefly before getting in touch with us.  Unless you insist on some huge banner-link, we won't charge you anything, though we would quite appreciate a link in return, if you have any generous impulses in that direction.  The nature of the wwweb is that your online customers are well aware of your competitors, because they have set up shop next door - it is a great encouragement to topline service and real bargains, which is why online shopping can be so rewarding.
          Warren Ellis has got a site called "Ordering Comics", which besides telling you why advance-ordering comics is a good idea, goes through his pick of the current advance-order month.  The rest is up to you, and your friendly online or neighbourhood comics provider!
          And "The Master List" is a growing list of comics stores all over the world, which seems like a cool idea...
with a growing section devoted to comics
Warren Ellis with his pick of the latest Diamond PREVIEWS