Sesmar Remix DM version
RR: 8.5
This is a conversion by SLAM (with the expert assistance of Sharpknux) of an Unreal Tournament "Domination" map; see the screenshot below for a UT screenshot!  That pale "X" in the middle is one of the three domination points; when one of your team passes through it, it changes to your team-colour, either red or blue, and you start getting points...until the other team takes it over.  First team to get 100 points wins...
          Well, the textures SLAM has used are a little less elaborate, as otherwise a very large texture file would have been needed; SLAM has used the quake3a texture file, which, as it is used in such maps as Nali Temple Remix, Outcast Facility, and Red Psi, you probably have already.  And he has made pretty good use of it, as you can see, while at the top level, in the screenshot, there is an excellent skybox and general sense of space.  Below, with ramps and corridors and other cool areas, is fine too - in fact, this is an enjoyable place to dash round, generally!
          This map works well in UT, and it is certain to work well in NAB too.  This "Deathmatch" version does not attempt to replicate the "Domination" gameplay, just placing useful pick-ups where the domination points were, but it flows well.  A future version should include some sneaky stuff to enhance the importance of the domination points, but until then, this will surely keep us happy.  It looks like another winner!