Why fill your computer's memory with dozens of site addresses, when you can come straight to us and click through to all the best comics and related websites?
We are dividing up our listings into sites by and about creators, sites from publishers, sites concerned with image comics titles, the best on-line comics dealers, and a wide assortment of other stuff that we found of interest.  We do welcome your feedback; things can change quickly on the world-wide web, so if a site vanishes, or changes its contents completely, please let us know.  And when you discover something wonderful we don't know about, tell us and we can slip it into the listings asap.  We haven't included great quantities of artwork here because it slows down loading - and, heck, it is only one click away, usually!
COMICS INTERNATIONAL is the leading British magazine about comics - click this link to be taken straight there!
This page was last updated on: 20 July, 2016
To start off with, we are putting as many links as we can on this page.  The intention is to have the links on the separate pages as well, when we have the separate pages - and to have a brief description of each site there.  Links on this page open in their own browser window, so to come back here to try another exploration, just cancel that particular window.  So try a link - there are some very slick, very interesting sites out there, and we aim to make it easy for you to find them!
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Checking out all the links today, to make sure they were all still current and working properly, I was struck by how comprehensive some of the sites are...and how little some had changed since I started the research for this three months ago!  Comicon is a great place to click to, as, at the "virtual comics convention" a lot of artists and publishers have set up their stalls, from Barry Blair to Dave Gibbons to Don McGregor.  The Neal Adams site was about the slowest to download, which somehow seems appropriate; if you are in Britain, then the United Publications site has a really good range of manga and anthropomorphic stuff - not just comics, but books, videos and DVDs too, including adult material.  If you are a fan of Strangers in Paradise, then a visit to Terry Moore's site could change your life - look at all the links to SiP fan pages, and not just English-language ones!  Fans of silver age comics have got to check out the Cheeks the Toy Wonder site, trust me on this, while World Famous Comics is a great site to browse through, and includes, if you keep clicking the links, the daily column of Tony Isabella, the "World's Most Beloved Comics Buyers Guide Columnist With the Initials T.I." The only site to give me trouble was Wizard - it looks as if they need more server capacity, so try to choose an off-peak time to go there.
The colour coding on the buttons is fairly simple; sky-blue for publishers and comics, mauve for magazines and comment, and a rather faded orange for creators.  So check them out, and see what you think of them... We will be adding more!
As yet this page is rather short of links to the various sites devoted to Image Comics - but we have now uploaded the in-progress page for them, so click on the white "Image Comics Page" button and go straight to a fairly wide choice.  Similarly, the white "Comics Dealers Page" button will help set you on the path to parting with lots of your hard-earned cash - in the nicest possible way!  This site is still under construction, so please make allowances for the unfinished nature of things.  Generally, clicking on the "Webslinger" logo will bring you back here.

To find your local comics stores etc in the UK, use the "askalix" link - search for comics, or maybe comics + marvel, and you should find plenty of places to choose from... they have a pretty clever search engine, so you can even look for stores in a certain town or postal code.
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